Qantas and AW have had a long working relationship

AW has implemented a wide range of Projects and continues to in a large number of Regional and interstate ports. With the use of specific local assets and installers AW is able to manufacture, deliver and manage the install process abroad. Onsite management on large scale projects is a critical part of AW’s management plan.

AW is involved in extensive Terminal signage upgrades on a Regular basis as part of Qantas branding upgrades.

In addition we rebranded (16) ports across Australia for Jetstar in 2013, also during this period Qantas launched its new uniform and required AW to rebrand leased premises by Qantas and decommission and make good once completed. This included a range of signage and joinery fabrication to LCD monitors. This again had works performed in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Cairns, and Auckland.

Recently we completed all the signage that formed part of their head office rebuild, and currently rebranding all (15) Qantas Freight Terminals.

"It is refreshing to deal with AW signs who take ownership of a brief and manages the entire project from start to finish.

With 56 airports across Australia, I know I can rely on your company to provide innovative ideas suitable for each port, coordinate the logistics of products and installation on site in a safe working environment and always on time." Victoria Mason