Innovative products that will provide your business & its identity with a strategic edge.

Digital Signage

Used primarily for directories, both commercially & in the retail sector, our latest product in digital signage can also be programmed to provide advertising to offset your up-front costs.

Whether you require a static screen or touch screen capabilities, we can design & support your content with a monthly subscription.

Alternatively, our support platform can be totally programmable from your end, we make it that easy. Our hardware is also the latest available & can be installed into any number of locations using our custom designed shrouds that also disguise our running components.

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Electroluminescent Technology

Imagine being able to animate & illuminate a printed graphic without all the hassle of providing a light box. With our new animated prints, we can take your logo, graphics or promotional material & provide it with illumination.

This can be hung on a wall like a poster, mounted in a frame or mounted onto a background for rigidity. There is no limitation to the amount of illumination or animation – just your imagination !!

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